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Frequently Asked Questions

Are additional safety precautions being taken in light of COVID-19?

Yes. Here are some of the precautions I take to insure not to impose risk to my client families:

• As of 12/04/21 I have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine plus the booster.

• Keeping my immune system strong by good nutrition, supplements, exercise and enough rest. 

•  Getting outside daily for Vitamin D and fresh air which is a big fighter for disease. Here are the things I will do while at your home to reduce risk:

                          -Show up to work in clean clothes, just for your shift.

                         – Remove my shoes at the door, wash my hands thoroughly, and maintain hand washing protocol throughout the shift.

                         – If requested, I will wear a mask at all times

Many new parents are reaching out because their parents can’t travel to support them as well. Know that I will happily fill the gaps in care that are needed, but can be flexible to welcome the grandparents or extended family when they are safe to travel. You deserve to have happy memories of your new baby’s arrival, and not memories filled with worry and anxiety as you navigate each day’s new challenges with this virus. Contact me and l can help you figure out the best plan to get you great support while keeping your family safe. 

What does overnight doula care look like?

Typically, especially in the beginning, overnight care begins with a chunk of time to get updates about how baby is doing and answer any questions about baby’s behavior or care. Then I send everyone off to bed and settle in for the night with your little one. If you are breastfeeding, I will bring him or her to you to feed as needed, and then perform all other care tasks (burping, diapering, swaddling) so that you can get right back to sleep! If I am giving baby a bottle with either breastmilk or formula, I may not see you until morning, when we bring baby back to you before heading home.

Who typically uses postpartum care?

First-time parents; Parents of multiples; Cesarean section birth/recovery; Families with little local support; Women who want to breastfeed; Families with other young children; Birthing people at risk for or experiencing postpartum depression & anxiety; Premature births/babies; Parents who have experienced difficult deliveries; Babies with colic or reflux; Families with high anxiety levels; Babies with special needs; New parents with limited experience with newborns; Mothers who have been on bed rest throughout pregnancy; New parents with no family nearby.

I serve families of all shapes and sizes, from every walk of life. Single parents by choice, LGBTQ+, adoptive parents, and families welcoming their babies through surrogacy.

I strive to bring the best support to your family, without a specific approach to parenting, as this is your turn to make decisions about what is best for your family.

Is there a best time to use a postpartum doula ?

The first few weeks are when you can benefit the most from having knowledgeable helpers in your home. Having a doula there the first couple days can make days 3, 4, & 5 (when your milk typically arrives) much more manageable, help partners and extended family understand how to make the best team of care, and be there for reassurance when things seem to hit the fan.

I also serve many families during 3-8 weeks, when babies tend to ramp up their fussy times. This is often a time of problem-solving and getting some much-needed rest when it seems like things will never change (they will!). Many parents are in tears during this time, asking for help as things are just so much harder than they expected.

I can fill the gaps in family support; as grandparent support comes and goes there is often a transition time where only a little help is needed until families are doing well on their own. The care level is different for every family, and I will customize the care plan for each family’s particular needs. Sometimes just one or two visits is needed, other times families want ongoing doula support for weeks or even months.

Can you help after a c-section surgery?

Yes! I can be your hands and feet while you recover. I make food, do dishes, wash and fold laundry, change bedding, and generally take care of the family while everyone rests and recovers from surgery plus the exhausting hospital stay and adjusts to newborn life. Think of me as the bedside nurse that you get to take home (minus the RN part). I can run back and forth with everything you need so you don’t have to get out of bed, I can educate family members on typical recovery length—and hopefully help shorten your recovery time.

How do you help with vaginal births?

I encourage all families to rest after the birth, and if you had a vaginal delivery it is important to get off your feet sometimes. I can do all the above listed things, plus set up your sitz baths, peri bottles, and help position baby for feeds that allows you to rest your sorest parts. I can help organize your time so visitors come at the most helpful times, and you have time to really bond and connect to your baby.

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